Sunday, 18 August 2013

Royal College of Art , Painting Department corridors Installation.

“Westies Wet Weekend” London, 2007

“But now I am afraid. The signs pursue me and I pursue them patiently. They are bent on destroying me.” Jean Genet ‘Our Lady of the flowers’.

Wall paintings in the corridors of the royal college of Art painting department corridors in Kensington Gore, Stevens building.


Thursday, 28 March 2013


42 Sheets of A4 Coloured Paper (147cmx178cm) - Drawings done while at work. - 2O13
  4th Cornice of Mount Purgatory

Soon they were on us, for the whole great crowd
Were running at top speed ; and were twain
Who went before and, weeping, cried aloud:

“Mary ran to the hills in haste!” and then:
“Caesar, to subjugate Ilerda, thrust
Hard at Marseilles and raced on into Spain!”

“Quick, quick! let not the precious time be lost
For lack of love!” the others cried, pursuing;
“In good work strive, till grace revive from dust!”


Then, when these shades so far from us had passed
That nothing could be seen of them, there rose
New fancies in my mind, whence thick and fast

Sprang others, countless, various; and from those
To these I drifted, down so long a stream
Of rambling thought, my lids began to close,

Dante- The Divine Comedy , Purgatory 

E3 (1) 9.37pm Fri 7th Dec, 2012

 F7 (2) sun 1.35pm 9th Dec, 2012

F2 (3) 7.44pm   Sun , Dec 9th 2012

A1 (4) 1.34pm Thur 13th Dec, 2012

B2 (5) 5.05pm thur  13th Dec, 2012

D7 (6) 11.05pm Fri, 14th Dec, 2012

 D1 (7) 12.32am Sat, 15th Dec

 B6 (8) 5.35pm Sat, 22nd Dec

F4 (9) 10.27pm Sun,  23rd  Dec

D5 (10) 12.31pm Mon 24th Dec

 E6 (11) 1.39pm Fri 28th Dec

 A7 (12) 3.56pm 28th Fri Dec

A3 (13) 5.56pm 28th Fri Dec

 B1 (14) 7.56pm Fri, 25th Jan

 B7 (15)  4.03 pm Sat, 26th Jan

 A6 (16) 4.38 pm Sat , 26th Jan

 D4 (17) 6.21 pm Sat , 26th Jan

 A2 (18) 7.55pm Sun, 27th Jan

 C5 (19) 8.22pm Fri, 1st Feb

 E5 (20) 8.35pm Sun, 3rd Feb

E7 (21) 4.29pm Sat, 9th Feb

B3 (22) 6.54pm Sat, 9th Feb

F6 (23) 8.17pm Sat, 9th Feb

F3 (24) 9.47pm Sat, 9th Feb

C2 (25) 10.33pm  Sat, 9th Feb

 F5 (26) 7.27pm Wed, 13th Feb

 E4 (27) 9.21pm Sat, 16th Feb

E2 (28) 12.04am Sun, 17th Feb 

A5 (29) 2.48pm Sun, 17th Feb 

E1 (30) 4.26pm Sun, 17th Feb

C1 (31) 7.10pm Sun, 17th Feb

F1 (32) 10.34am Fri, 8th March

D3 (33) 10. 45am Fri, 8th March

B5 (34) 2.16pm Sun, 10th March

 D6 (35) 10.29pm Sun, 10th March

 D2 (36) 11.32pm Sun, 10th March

 C3 (37)  9.40pm Fri, 15th March

 C6 (38) 2.17pm Sat, 16th March

 C7 (39) 11.45am Sun, 17th March

 A4 (40) 8.05pm Sun, 17th March 

B4 (41) 2.41pm Sat, 23rd March

C4 (42) 8.04pm Sun, 24th March